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1973 Boatail Riv


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Wondering if anyone could direct me to any place that reproduces the window sweeps for a 1973 Boatail Riv. There are some available but not of the same type as original.  The original rubber is the same height sweep in the original sweep is the same height when closed to mate with the other rubber piece to make a tight seal.  All the others I have seen the movable piece is far shorter and would allow much dirt to accumulate in the valley of the sweep which of course is undesirable. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. It requires a chrome top piece of course.
Lee Noga

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OK, We are in luck. Took a ride down to my Garage and the Kit contains all the window Wipers inside and out, front and rear, as well as the screws, staples, and hardware to install. I believe this is what you need. Seems to me that the rubber pcs are the same length as original. Came from OPGI.



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