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Refinished the Fondmetal rims

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I wish I could say I was so handy. I had them done by a company in Canada (WHEEL COVERS UNLIMITED). They took all the finish off, repainted inset color and then polished and cleared. Two of the rims were slightly bent and they fixed that too. The original owner had the wheel weights on the outside so if you look close you can see some blemishing in those areas, but not bad. It was $650.00 for all four. Kind of a lot but in line with what I was looking at spending for new rims. Being kind of a purest I just couldn't change style.

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vonblood,   I am trying to figuare out if I want to do something with my rims at the same time I have my P4's put on.  You have responded to my blog regarding potential tires and now i'm thinking that nows the best time to resolve the dull finish issue of the Fondmetal rims.         You have chosen to do a pro rehab on the rims to make them like new and the photo's look great.    In person when you are looking at them in sun / night and alll types of light,  do they look almost like chrome?      Best stated and like you said,  :huh:  photo's can't show it all true, so you're best decription might be better.   If you'd be so kind, what was the luster like before and after? ............... So you know, I'm considering chroming, but understand that over aluminum has  potential long-term issues?  I also wonder if their is magnesium ( to make them lighter ) for this Italian factory typical 'Formula One' Fondmetal rim.  One thing that concerns me about chroming is that blistering might or could possibly happen?    If you have people looking down at your wheels in awe  when you drive you're TC now,  maybe chroming is NOT the best answer.

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As you are planning to do something while your rims are free of rubber, give the worst looking rim a good soaking with spray on oven cleaner, let it sit for a bit and rinse it clean. It does a great job of cleaning and if you like how it looks give it a coat of clear from a spray can.


If you don't think it looks good enough when done, you can always send them in.


Don't spray the plastic center caps it will clean the pain off and then some.

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If you have a few inexpensive tools and a lot of time you can make your aluminum wheels look like new yourself for very little money. Here is a tutorial (with photos) that shows how I did it. You can put a satin finish a semi-chrome finish on them like i did.


Here is a photo of the end result.



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I should have used the term machined instead of polished. It looks like really small ribs in the finish.

This causes them to shine and almost sparkle with an iridescent rainbow effect in the direct sun. I have to

add that were the lead weights were on the outside could not be 100% removed so there is a slight blemish on

3 of the 4. But you have to really look.

As far as what they looked like before. They really were not bad. I had stripped, wet sanded surface, taped/cut out/painted insets,

and them cleared. They were nice and shinny but had more of a silver grayish look. I really noticed when I got the new in package

center caps and they were much closer to a chrome look.

Over all I am very pleased. Always struggle spending money on these types of things. I have spent way more on this car than I

could ever get out of it....but oh well, I like it, and still the only way some one of my means could drive around in a Maserati!

Since the car will never see snow, or even rain if I can at all help it. I should only have to keep them polished from now on.

I will post a pic of them on the car outside tomorrow.

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