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Because all old cars are interesting to me,

I don't have any "dream" cars.  I'm just as happy

driving a velour-lined 1970's Buick or Lincoln,

worth $10,000 at most, as I would be riding in someone's

expensive Classic.


And for those who aspire to Cadillac V16's:

One owner I know said they drive like F250 trucks.

Locomobiles, for instance, require considerable strength.

People with the big cars sometimes prefer smaller cars

of that era for a more enjoyable driving experience!


So if you have a Ford Model A or a 1978 Buick,

and a happy family to go along for the ride, maybe

you've already achieved your dream.

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Early 1930s Cadillac V-16--any model.  

You would have loved this V16 I found in a garage in LaJolla, California years ago....





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Since we are talking dream cars the list is nearly endless.  My first auto crush{about 10 years old} was either a circa 1946 / 1932 Ford "highboy" roadster, dry lakes racer, or a 1957 Chev. 2 Dr. Ht.  I unfortunately have never owned a 32 Ford, the 57 I have {and a rough old thing it is}.

  Then at about 12 years old I fell under the spell of MGA's , I have owned several over the years.

   Since then I have added about 150 more to the list. Nearly all are out of reach but we are talking dreams here so I would settle for a circa 1969 McLaren M8, or a Lola T 70 ,any version of either. Or perhaps a Lister Jag from about 1956.


Greg in Canada

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