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1956 Dynaflow


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1956 Dynaflow.


I had someone ask me if they could pull the torque converter off, replace the front trans seal and re-install the converter without totally disassembling it as it shows in the manual. He has the front cover off and has removed the bolt. I did mine by the book as I was doing a complete overhaul. When I did my 55 back in 73 at collage we did the whole job in less than a day. The only parts I remember buying was the front seal and the seal for the torque converter cover.

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I "think" this how I did it:  With the front of the transmission up, remove the front cover, the bolt in the center and lift the assembly out while holding the innards in place.  Do this in the middle of a clean room with old white sheets on the floor (you will know why if you drop some parts like I did). It would be worth your while to adapt an engine stand to hold the transmission front while working on it.


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