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1920s Car (Cabriolet?) that I dug up.

Guest OpelGT1970

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Guest OpelGT1970

I was plowing on one of my grandfather's wheat fields when I saw some metal hiding in the weeds at the corner. I spent the next 3 days digging it up here's all the pictures.

Attached also is a logo found on a vin tag looking plate on the front driver side. I can read out the following letters. REE.../ FULL / ALLSTEE.../ B?D?..,

Thanks for looking!


1970 & 1972 Opel GTs



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Guest OpelGT1970

Maybe '26 or '27. I think it was a coupe nor cabriolet. Roof would have been aluminum. Is there a body number stamped into the firewall?

I think I found the skeleton of the roof. It had hinges on part of it.

Ill take a look for the serial number on Monday. I might be able to uncover it with some gentle wire brushing.

Thanks everybody for your help!

I'm going to clear coat it to prevent rust until I figure out what I can do with it:)

I assume it may be a Dodge "fast four" 129/128 series?

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