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My 62 Electra 225

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My name is Joe. I am 25 and live in Jackson, New Jersey. About two years ago, I inherited my grandfather's Electra 225. It had been sitting in a garage since 1986. I was able to get it running *barely* about a year ago. I started a cylinder head rebuild about a year and a half ago, I got it all apart and ground he valves, and is been sitting since. 


I plan to start working on it again soon. My big concern is that I will now have to do a full rebuild because he block and cylinder walls have flash rusted over the past year and a half. 


The interior is in pretty good shape. One of the power windows is slow, the antenna is stuck and the power seat gear is stripped. But the fabric is in good shape. The dash s cracked, but I've never seen one that isn't. 


The body is OK. There is bad rust at the ends of the rockers, the bottoms of the quarter panels and the rear bumper. The floor is also rotted where the front bench bolts in. The front bumper, fenders, hood, doors, deck lid and roof are all fairly rust free. The X-frame seems to be solid, so that's good.


All in all, is going to be a lot of work to get it all together and looking good. My plan at the moment is to get the engine and trans going and the brakes working and get it on the road. then I'll start on the body and interior.







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A lot of work it may be, but it shall be worth the effort.  You won't find many others with a car like yours!

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Flash rust in the cylinders may not be that much of a problem. See if it comes off easy with an oily rag or a light touch with a scotch rite pad. If so, just wipe the cylinders down and reassemble the engine. Make the first oil change after only a few miles.

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You are not alone ;) : Have you started to work on your Buick yet? 

Btw:looks good when the roof is also "Marlin Blue". My car could use a paintjob,and I`m thinking of painting the roof of my car blue too.

Specially when there are no moldings or anything to separate the those two colours.




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