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Downfacing wipers on a Buick??


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Hi Folks,


A couple of us feel that the attached is a cca 1936 Buick but it seems to have downfacing wipers which my photos of Buicks or GM did not have. So very puzzled and would appreciate your thoughts on make, year and model?




Vintman (UK)



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Looks like a European model 1936 Buick. I have only found one photo of a 1936 Buick with the wipers as shown. They are on a Roadmaster (from what the source said). Well....o.k.....the mounts are there, but the arms aren't....and....it's slightly custom which means they could have been changed.


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Hi Folks,  Many thanks for your thoughts. I have done further investigation and cannot find any waterfall grille Buick with downfacing wipers. The photo was apparently taken in Holland so it being a European version makes some sense, except that I have found nothing with with downfacing wipers. McLaughlin wade a RHD version but not with downfacing wipers. So all very puzzling! Thanks again.  Vintman

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