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WTB Buick 320 water outlet neck


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Leif, you are 100% correct...I thought I had put that it is for a 1952 320 in the title but apparently I forgot.  Eric I did see that auction and thank you for the link, but that is the earlier 45 degree bend as mentioned and I need a 90 degree unit to be correct and I don't need the housing also.  I think the housing, water outlet, oil filter canister etc. was interchangeable between the 263 and the 320 but I am not fully sure.  I've owned four Buicks with the 320 but never a 263.  But I just did a ballpark measure with a caliper and the distance between the bolthole centers are around 3 3/16".  No GM part number on my unit.

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The one Plyroadking posted is for the smaller engine.  I have both in my garage.  Here's some pics.  The one behind the black-painted radiator with the new hose is the 263.  The one with the dusty old hose is the 320.  Both are '51's.


Either one might fit either engine, but for the smaller engine, the outlet shifted rearwards over the t-stat, and on the larger engine, the outlet is shifted forwards over the t-stat.  Not sure if this is to allow the same length elbow hose to work in both cars...








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Plyroadking came through, thank you!  Man of his word.  And it fits fine although I am keeping an eye out for the correct outlet...my Roadmaster still has some issues, have worked through most of them this summer but at least I can get out on the road and run it to try and sort out the last of them.

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