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1937 terraplane

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When a Hudson product tag says "Car No." that is your VIN.   It is simply a serial number.  The only info it will offer is the model for the year.   "70..." is a commercial car.  "71..." is standard Terraplane.  "72..." is a Terraplane Deluxe all for 1937.


There would only be a body number tag on a convertible body.


The law enforcement back-up VIN is stamped into the frame above the riear hanger of the right front leaf spring.   Might be coated over with paint, under coat, or deteriorated from surface rust.  Go for it with a scraper and wire brush and coarse steel wool.


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Look on top of the frame just rearward of where the steering box would be bolted on if it were a right hand drive model.

Also on top of the right hand side of the rear end. The numbers shoul match the frame ID if the rear is original.

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