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1916 Willys Touring to Truck Conversion Value?

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I have a young friend in Canada who happened upon this and has a notion to acquire and use it for driving around at tractor shows and such.

The rub is what is it worth in its present condition.

While I'm at it I might as well ask if anyone knows what size tires it uses.

Tires and tubes might be worth nearly as much as the "car" in its state.......  :wacko:





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I think this is a 1916 Overland Model 83B, which was Overland's first model with monobloc cylinders.  There are quite a few survivors so information should be too hard to find.  A start could be made here   -   http://www.wokr.org/     It looks as of it hasn't run in a long time so would need more investigation as to whether it could be persuaded to run.  In its present condition I don't think it is worth much at all.  If the potential owner is very young and enthusiastic maybe the current owner could be persuaded to give it to him, to learn what makes an old car tick, as it needs 'everything'.


Maybe you should repost this in the General Discussion section.

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