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Diamond T tow truck on Craigslist.

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I saw this tow truck on the VT craigslist and couldn't believe how nice it is.  After going through all the countless ads of junk and butched projects you do stumble across some really nicely restored vehicles.  This one really caught my eye.  I'm sure it's very expensive but would cost quite a bundle to restore even a good one.






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I know.  I'm a serious buyer quite often. Sometimes when I'm in the market for something, have the funds to back it, but will often skip over anything listed without a price. Even when I'm really looking for something I still don't want to pay a ridiculous amount for it.  No price so far has always meant way overpriced/ out of my budget.  Usually the funds I have are just enough to be serious but not enough to overpay. 

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Beautiful truck indeed. Probably overload the trailer shown.

Since were on the subject of wreckers, here is a 1934 Dodge 2 ton wrecker that Holmes assembled in 34 that we own. Bought from upstate New York 20 years ago and was delivered here to Ca by Pass Port enclosed hauler. This is a unrestored truck with 38.000 miles. Has the bigger split boom with outriggers to do side pull recovery. Also has a wheel lift saddle.

Will be selling this in the near future also.







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