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1930 Desoto Roadster color

Guest Cachorro

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Guest Cachorro
Hello everyone!

I am restoring a 1930 Desoto Roadster and the body of my car is painted colored board.

Someone can help me with the code of this color?

Step a photo of a similar car.

Thank you very much for the help!



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Cachorro states that the picture is of a "similar car". It is not a model K since the 1929 K did not come with an 8 cyl and had a different hood louver pattern, it is not a 1930 CK or CF since they had a wide profile radiator. My pick is a 1930 Chrysler 66 roadster. Hubcaps appear to be Chrysler as well

Rick VanOene

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Guest Cachorro
¡Hola todos! lo siento por no responder al tema ... no sé por qué no consiguen avisos responden a mi caja ?? Tengo un problema.

El tema del color y resolverlo! muchas gracias a todos.

Miro hacia abajo consulto si mi modelo es K o CK y realmente no lo sé? ... ¿Qué debo hacer para saber?

El motor es de 6 cilindros.

Se adjuntan algunas fotos.







Hi all! sorry for not responding to the subject ... I do not know why not get notices answer to my box ?? I have a problem.

The color theme and solve it! thank you very much to all.

I look down I consult if my model is K or CK and really do not know? ... What should I do to know?

The engine is 6-cylinder.

Attached are some photos.


Thank you!




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Guest Cachorro

Judging by the exhaust manifold, the water inlet on the head, and the front motor mounts, you definitely have a model K

thank you very much for your help Ckowner!!
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thank you very much for your help Ckowner!!


Hi, Your motor serial number on the right front side of the block, will start with a K for model K cars. It's stamped on a raised pad near the headgasket seam.


Only two body colors were availiable on K roadster.  One is your color, which I think was "motor car red" but not sure after all these years.


The other color was "cigarette" which is a yellow with a bit of tan hues.



I would think that TPCglobal in California has the color names and formulas, and could mix the paint.

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Guest Cachorro
Hello F & J !!

Thank you very much for your reply and for your help!

I've decided to paint color board (wine).

When you go forward I will go up photos.




Cachorro (Argentina)
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