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Fuel Tank for a 1937 Buick Roadmaster

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Looking for a replacement fuel tank new or used for my 1937 Buick Roadmaster Series 80.  The tank that is on the car is not usable because of the years the car sat with fuel in the tank.  It is chunky and rusted throughout.  I have been told by a cleaning service that the tank cannot be saved.  It will disintigrate as part of the cleaning process.  Unfortunately I have already made 2 trips to people that said they had a tank for this car.  Niether of them had the right tank.  This is a Canadian built car (which has a different tank) from the US cars.  It is a 20 gallon tank.  I have included a photo below of the tank.


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37 Pontiac Business Coupe. Tank was lined inside with one of those "kits" available in the market. It all lifted. I called TanksInc. They send me a 14 Gal 37 Chevy coupe tank :




I had to modify the rubber filler neck, cut and use an elbow in order to bring the inlet to the filler cap. Couldn't be happier. 


There is a 36 that looks more like the one you have.




I wasn't sure if I wanted to lose 6 gallons, but after looking around for months, this was the best deal I could get, plus it was hard to beat a new tank. 


Hope this helps.

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Describe the tank...  Knocking around your knuckles is it solid?  Is it THIN// does it bend when you knock?  From the picture, it looks like it has been tried to repair.... But I am optimistic it is in re-storeable condition.  The only tanks that need extra labor have plastic, like the mercedes' 'flower pots.'


Where are you located?  I restore many, many fuel tanks.

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