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Yes, Graham Brothers built trucks for Dodge before they went on their own and built cars with the Graham name. I have seen vintage print ads on the internet for Cantrell/Dodge vehicles. Are you going to restore/replace the wood or drive it as is? 

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Hi Tom , sheet metal is in unbelievably great condition so just going to clean it and the paint is still shiny it does have scratches as far as the wood goes the tailgate section is a little rotted but not bad so Iam going to leave it for now. The left rear section of the roof is gone where the tarp rotted through years ago. What I plan on doing is removing the 4 rear roof supports and make a roof over the cab basically a Cantrell pickup. Everything I do to it will be reversible if I decide to make it a Suburban again. And I also will be daily driving it next summer!  Will be doing a lot of research this winter. Check the Vanderbilt Cup Races website I think the half restored car is my car many years ago Thanks for your replies. John


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