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1931 Chrysler Radiator Badge Colors

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post-108496-0-97511200-1438523642_thumb.The Rad badge for my '31 CD8 Roadster project has been stripped of its original painted finishes by a PO as shown. The badge is small, about 1.125" diameter, and re-doing the various paints will be painstaking. Anyone have a good photo that can give me an idea of the proper colors for the various insets, and any suggestions about applying paint. Appears to be made of a copper/brass/bronze alloy? 

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That's 2 for 2, so I will proceed accordingly when the time comes. I think masking the 2 semi-circles out from rest of badge and spraying the area red is easiest approach. When paint has set well, I'll carefully remove the paint from lightning bolts using a magnifying glass and sharp blade of some sort. That is unless someone has a better idea!

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Here's another possible source for information who does beautiful work. Some pictures online seem to suggest your emblem "might" have 2 colors and to my eye it appears as if it was originally a golden base color, maybe plated?

Howard Dennis


eBay has some emblems listed now: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1920S-TEENS-CHRYSLER-RADIATOR-SHROUD-BADGE-EMBLEM-for-Restore-/281774573332?hash=item419b12c714&vxp=mtr

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