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1995 windshield

bob staehle

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before I have an osh$$ moment it might be best to ask first. so here goes. My daughter has a garage

kept 1995 Riv. with 16k miles. The glue or mastic that GM used to seal the windshield & rear window

has started to ooze out of the bottom conrners of the glass. Have been told by several auto glass co.

that this is a comon problem with this year GM product and not to worry about it. I would like to know 

what is the best solvent to use to clean it with no damage to paint or glass seal. Also need to replace

the plastic bezel that holds the passinger seat control buttons in place, any ideas where I might be able to buy one?

                                              Thanks Bob



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You don't indicate where you live so suggesting where to find that seat part is difficult.   There are a couple of websites that could work for you.  www.row52.com works really well for me. Just click the search button and fill in your zip code, and  the year, make, and model.  As a matter of fact, I think that of all the Rivieras I've seen listed by them, the 1995 has to be the most popular year.    www.adhuntr.com is another search engine that looks at all of the Craigslist ads from all over.  You can narrow down the search radius on it.



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I'm a "junker" and live less then 5 miles from the largest You Pick yard in Wisconsin. I can look for one if you want. My price is twice what I pay for the part plus $15.00 for time spent looking and pulling. You can reach me at: lemke1044@aol.com if interested. I will be going out there tomorrow.

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The problem with the mastic oozing out affected other years as well. The rear window on my 97 did this on a regular basis and would actually make it into the water channel around the trunk. I would clean it off with a mild mineral spirit (not lacquer thinner)and it didn't damage the paint. The window never did leak though.

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ED thanks for the web sites they will be a big help.


Dave daughter said she will email some pics. of the parts she needs.


  thanks again Bob

 I just today emailed your daughter. There were 5 1995 Rivs out there but only one in the blue interior. The parts needed were broken. I di find [and removed] tan parts. The parts would be easy to paint. However if you don't want them that is fine as I did not buy them. They are still there.

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