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1965 Riviera headlight pivots worn


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Im going over my headlight linkages before I try using the motor to actually open the doors.  They move real smooth on their own, but when I hook up the clams to their pivot points I think its taking too much force to operate.  Everything is lubed and I check the angles for the pivots and have the travel as linear as possible.  But the actual pivot linkages have alot of slop in them.

How can I tighen the pivots up?  Im looking around to see if anyone selling a set but of course them come with a complete headlight set up, which I dont need.

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If you have the headlight manual they have blow up pics of each component. I had similar problems and got all the parts from Rivi central. I sent him the blow ups and got all the pivots, grease cups and clips as none are available. Now they work perfect.

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