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Driver Participation


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Here is the description of the Driver Participation Class from the Judging Guidelines:


Driver Participation (DPC)


The AACA Board of Directors in 2000 4-5 established DPC. This class is for the great 25 year old or older vehicles that our members enjoy driving whether it is on a tour, a cruise-in, or just having fun. This class allows for some nonauthentic upgrades, but in general, the vehicle looks essentially as it did when it came from the factory. DPC vehicles are not rigorously point judged: they are evaluated according to the guidelines of AACA. This class is for vehicles that have not obtained a National First Prize. A vehicle that has received National awards is eligible for DPC only if the awards have been retired or returned to AACA National Headquarters. They may receive a second or third junior and still compete in DPC. This is a noncompetitive or non-judged class and will not be point judged, but vehicles will be certified upon passing a visual inspection. The shaded areas of the DPC evaluation form must be completed by the vehicle owner and the owner must sign the evaluation form before the vehicle can be certified. The owner has the option to open or leave the vehicles trunk closed. Certification will be based on vehicle components that have the same appearance as when the vehicle was manufactured and the overall condition of the vehicle in general appears acceptable. The exterior, interior, chassis, and engine components must appear period correct per the original manufacturer. The following are exceptions that will not disqualify the vehicle: seat belts, seat coverings, turn signals, stop lights, sealed beam/halogen headlights, radial tires, alloy wheels of the same era and/ or same vehicle manufacturer, radio upgrades, electrical upgrades, brake upgrades (bolt on), steering upgrades (bolt on), air conditioning, overdrive system and altered exhausts. A vehicle being evaluated for the first time, if certified, will receive a DPC board, a DPC chip, and a DPC badge. The badge should be visibly mounted on the vehicle. No vehicle will be re-certified if it is not displaying the DPC badge. A certified vehicle that is significantly modified will not receive its’ Repeat DPC certification. Change of ownership of a DPC vehicle requires recertification.

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Forgive me for highjacking this thread but I have essentially the same question.

I have been thinking about trying the driver participation class myself.  I need some honest opinions. My old model T is really a driver. We do about 75-100 a week in it. It is basically an old car that sat in a collection since the 50s' and before that it was just an old car. Brush painted and rusty. I have mechanically made it a great driver, and when I go to shows in it people really love it.

Please be honest with me, do you think this car is acceptable to be placed in  DPC ? 

I have a car I show that has reached the Grand National level and I am working on another just miss bringing a car.




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