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Gas pedal location 1970 Satellite


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If it's still got the floor-mounted accelerator pedal, there should be a pair of nuts tack welded to the floorpan for the mounting ball-studs to screw into, onto which the accelerator pedal will pop onto.  These studs should be long enough to stick through the complete thickness of carpet and jute padding, with the accel pedal (and it's "heel pad") to slightly compress as it snaps on).


If it's got the "suspended" accel pedal (as the C-body cars of that year did), then it all hangs from the inner side of the firewall mounting plate.  "Heel" location should be near the lh side of the trans tunnel, typically.



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Installing new carpet 1970 Satellite and would like to get location of gas pedal compared to the rubber pad in carpet. Tore old carpet out few years ago and trashed.

The part of pedal that sits on top of carpet is 4" x 2-1/2" with smaller extension that goes thru carpet. With studs going thru floorpan. just want to know if it is mounted all in front of rubber pad in carpet or part on pad. the foam pad goes between carpet and floorpan.
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