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for sale or trade............... 1952 Buick woody

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this is a restorable car that needs a complete going through. all metal in floors has been repaired, new wood gates, old wood is all there to repair or replace,new carpet and seat covers in box, has not run in years, but engine was running when put in storage-clean title.


price is 11500.


would entertain trades for a model A and can add cash


only interested in roadster, wagon, vicki, roadster pu, 180 or 400 models


can send photos and will try to upload here



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if you are a chinese restaurant you can.............. ok, just kidding................


car is not here, will try and get photos as soon as I can.


as the ad says, needs everything, floors have new metal-both gates are new and figure on much work!


car looks terrible-doesnt get much more descriptive then that........................


at 11500. the gates are worth 2500. and the metal floors 4000. so you are getting a cheap woodie.

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this is where the term came from........many ways to skin a cat!


People bagged their lunch and didnt always have a lot of time to eat while at work, so different methods were used until tried and true!


(boy it is getting warm in here).

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