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Stopped getting notifications...

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As of this past Sunday I stopped receiving notifications for topics that I follow and there have been no changes on either my PC or my setting here on the stie. Where should I begin to look? I still get other normap e-mails from others outside of this site and I did confirm that my e-mail shown on the site here is still the same old e-mail I originally set up. What now??? Scott...


I corrected this as I originally wrote that this was new yesterday and it has actually been going on since Sunday.

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I have the same problem.  I go into my settings and notification options and everything is still checked email.

To the best of my knowledge I made no changes.  I wonder if I will be notified if someone answers this post.


I look in my spam folder frequently because it is overly sensitive.


Ditto on the Outlook email.  I was not notified of Scotts_DG8 post below.

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I've not signed on to my e-mail provider since forever thru their home page to access my e-mail as my outlook has always download all items without bypassing or  filtering anything that is received addressed to me.  My provider has been comcast for years. As this issue has been reported as occuring to others it, to me, says something changed. If ones ISP provider for e-mail determines that it should start classifing e-mail as spam before its forwarded/picked up by the addressee there had to be a change in the info being sent along as part of the e-mail. I'll take the time to sign-on to my e-mail provider and have a look, if the missing notifications are there in some sort of a spam folder I will not be changing my ISP e-mail service provider but will just be disapointed. Scott...

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Just my opinion on this. The notifications have been altered to inclued ad info and potentially it is looking for feed back info on the addresssee. The spam rules are identifying it as spam, rather it is an intrusive e-mail. Just an opinion, not saying that I'm correct in my guess here. If it is the problem there is probably some effort to attempt to get this working so it does not hit the spam filter. Who really knows though as there has not really been a response to the original cause, the reason it started to work again, nor the reason it stopped again. Scott...

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