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Neat WWI Underslung What Is It?


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A while back on Ebay (as in 15+ years), I was searching for 1910 Buick, and came across a listing for a "Regal, not Buick...."  I contacted the fellow, and went to Pennsylvania to retrieve the remains of a 1912 Underslung.  Quite a project, and I decided to let it go, put it on PreWarCar and was sold in a couple of hours.  It's in Holland now, restored.


Neat cars, they did the underslung routine, then added a large wood spacer so the hood wouldn't be too low! 


They're interesting for sure....


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When I researched them, while owning the remnants, I heard a couple of times that the Regals were underpowered....twenty horse, but a lot more metal and weight than a Hupp 20....but, as should be obvious from pictures, a test drive never happened!

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