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1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

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Wow, I thought the last Boss I had was spectacular, but this one not only looks awesome but is incredibly well documented, a former national show winner, and comes with just about every single OEM part ever removed. Now I know muscle cars aren't up everyone's alley, but there aren't many who would argue that this isn't a great-looking Mustang. And if you're familiar with the Boss 302, you also know that it's probably the best-driving Mustang ever built. This fastback loves to dance!


The restoration was finished in the 1990s, and subsequent to that, it went on to score 689 out of 700 points in MCA judged competition. Since then, it's probably been driven a few thousand miles, but it's still pretty sharp and crisp and you could put it back on the show field with a minimum of effort and likely collect a 2nd place at a national meet. It's that nice. According to the Marti Report, it's one of only 212 Medium Red/black interior Boss 302s built, which is puzzling because you'd think a bright red Mustang would be a smash hit with the public. Anyway, it appears to be wearing all its original sheetmetal and the original VIN stamps are still in the front fenders, so it hasn't been clipped. The Medium Red paint is exactly the right color, not too bright but not burgundy, either, and the Boss 302 stripes are placed exactly right, with those on the sides being correct reflective tape. It's worth noting that this Boss came equipped from the factory with the Shaker hood, rear window slats, and rear spoiler--I know this because I have the original window sticker AND the build sheet. If there's a demerit on this car, it's that the left front edge of the hood isn't quite perfectly aligned with the fender, but that's a pretty darned small nit to pick.


The black interior is mostly original, which is shocking to me. The seats, headliner, and door panels are vintage 1970 pieces, with newer carpets installed during the restoration. Everything is in excellent condition and I see no need to replace any of it. The gauges are also original, and their faces are a little faded, but that's easy to fix--you're going to have to pull them out anyway because the speedometer and odometer do not work. The steering wheel is correct, it's got the right Hurst T-handle shifter for the 4-speed, and the factory AM radio is still in place, but has an FM converter inside, so it looks authentic but you don't have to suffer through whatever they're playing on AM radio these days. The only obvious alteration to the interior is a set of speakers on the rear package shelf. The trunk is also correctly outfitted with a plaid mat and space-saver spare with jack assembly.


The engine is the original, numbers-matching 302 cubic inch V8 that was installed in 1970. It's fully rebuilt and has fresh internals, with the original parts (including the crank) included with the sale. Details like the smog system and rev limiter are still in place, although they're both disconnected for obvious reasons (the smog pump turns freely but there's no belt on it). The engine is very highly detailed with correct markings and decals and authentic parts were used wherever possible--no repro stuff here. It starts easily, idles beautifully, and pulls like a freight train. It's a joy to drive and there's a spectacular soundtrack all the way up to 7000 RPM (not that I've gone there, but it's pretty amazing at, say, 5000 RPM). Long-tube headers were added, but the original cast iron manifolds are included, and there's an X-pipe with Flowmaster mufflers, but again, the original exhaust system is included with the car. The underside has a light dusting of undercoating, but there are zero signs of rust or repairs underneath and it's nice to see power steering, which really should have been standard equipment. It's got the optional 3.91 Track-Lok rear end, so it's not a car I'd drive cross-country, but around town this thing is a weapon and you'll never get tired of dropping a gear and mashing the throttle just to hear it sing. Ride quality is rather good and it sits on correct Magnum 500 wheels and attractive BFG tires.


As I said, documentation is extensive: build sheet, original window sticker (signed by the legendary Larry Shinoda), original owner's manual, restoration receipts, photos of Larry Shinoda signing the hood and window sticker, a deluxe framed Marti Report, the original MSO and title, and a whole bunch of other stuff. It also comes with a giant cache of spare parts, including the aforementioned engine bits such as the manifolds, valves, exhaust system, springs, front brake rotors, crankshaft, original date-coded glass, shock absorbers, etc., etc., etc. This is the nicest Boss I've ever seen, it's incredibly well documented, and if you want perfection, the parts are here to make it a national contender once again. We're asking $79,900, which many will agree is the right price for a Boss with a pedigree, and the red paint is easy to love. I'm going to have a hard time watching this one go, but someone will get one hell of a car. Thanks for looking!


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Nice car. Back in Detroit 1970, a friend bought a new 1969 Biscayne, 427-425 turbo 400. The 1st car we raced on the street was one of these Boss302. He blew our doors off but started to catch him. Had my dad check the car out. It had a 2.90 something gear. No wonder we could do 100 in 1st gear (almost).

Dad stuffed a 4.11 and we went looking for the big horse. We found him and ran again. The tables were turned. He asked, what happened? we told him we shifted sooner! Good times! Similar car shown, same color.


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