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WTB 65 riviera clamshell springs


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                    Casey they  are not closing because the arms going to the motor need to be adjusted. Loosen the bolts

on the top of the arms near the motor with the headlight doors in the half closed position and grab the clamshells one at a time and close them just a tiny bit and retighten the bolt on the arms. Do this until they

just do close all the way. Each motor is a little different so when you swap motors you have to adjust the arms a little to get

it right. If you only lack 1/4 inch, just a very slight adjustment is needed. You might want to read my post on installing a new headlamp motor.....it goes into all the adjustments in greater detail.

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Hey Casey!  The clamshells were originally equipped with springs, one per side, meant to take up that little gap.  I have only one of them but haven't been able to figure out how it attaches. I inquired recently on the forum but no one could offer  any help. I believe most peoples springs have disappeared over time....They're probably one of those mysterious parts you always have left over after tinkering. If you have boxes of old Riv parts they might be in there somewhere, that's where I found mine. Anyway, it's a short, very tight spring....If you want to acquire a pair, or at least see what they look like, there has been a pair on Ebay for some time (where they will probably stay, as they are extremely overpriced). You may be able to find a similar spring at a good hardware store, but I'm going to follow Winstons instructions and adjust the gap on mine. BTW, thanks WMc            Rivnik

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I figured it out!!! I just had to adjust them while they were half way open, they close nice now. Thanks for the info on the springs, I'm just going to leave them out since now I was able the get it adjusted with out them..

Thanks Casey

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Make sure the closing limit switch is opening the closing circuit so your motor does not burn out.

Also, just a note re the clamshell adjustments...when one adjusts the arms toward the closing position this also "robs" the same dimension from the open position. This is generally not a problem but depending on the adjustment of the open limit switch this could result in the clams not opening enough. If the dimension to be adjusted on the left and right clams is identical the adjustment should be made at the limit switch. Doing so will not affect the open position of the clams as adjusting the length of the arms will.

Adjusting the limit switches to obtain proper open and closed position, once the clams are equally spaced, is the factory recommended procedure. However, it is not the EASIEST method of adjustment. It is much easier to access and adjust the arms but occasionally this will result in an unsatisfactory open position.


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thanks, i will look into that.. i think one of mine opens more then the other. i also was wondering what kind of fastener do i use for the arm that connects to the clam shell? right now i have a e clip holding it on just wondering if that is right

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