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Bugle shout-out


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Congrats to Keith Bleakney AKA My3Buicks for being recognized in this month's Buick Bugle. Keith was one of Mr Earl's "Picks of the Month." The mention featured Keith's 1967 Buick Special Deluxe hardtop. What a beautiful car Keith! What we need is a photo of you with all your car collection posted on this forum. You have great taste in cars Keith!

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Guest my3buicks

LOL, thanks Brenda - I havn't even read mine yet so that is a surprise to me.  I am down to just the two Buick's now, and if the Reatta sells, I will be left with just the 67 which will be around until either I die or can't drive and give it to my son.  Here are some of the highlight Buick's that I have had.  I have had 33.  The 67 was bought new by my Granddad and I bought it from him in 1979 as my first car. 











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Wow, I am glad I asked! You have owned so many great cars, very cool. I really love the big bodied convertible's, really great cruisers. Your white Reatta convertible had white body moldings, pretty car and looks so familiar :)

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