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Front brake drums 1941 special

tyler searle

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Any tricks to removing these? Does the nut have to come off first? How about that little pin that the wheel goes over? On the rear drums you could remove them with a half inch wrench but the fronts don't have any place to put a wrench on.

Just don't want to break anything.

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You need to remove the big nut in the center of the hub--the hubs are integral with the front drums and the bearings should come out inside the hub. Once you remove that big nut, it should slide right off. When you reinstall it, it's a "feel" thing, there isn't a torque spec or anything like that. Tighten it until it snugs up but there should be no pressure on the bearings. There will also be a cotter pin (or should be) so be sure you remove that and reinstall it when you put everything back together. There's also a large washer, which I think has a keyway, so don't lose that, either.


Let us know if you get stuck!

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