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Want to Buy: 1970 Buick Estate wagon


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G'day from Australia!


I'm looking for a 1970 Buick Estate wagon and after having narrowly missed out on one recently, I thought I'd try the AACA Forum to see what it might turn up. I have also been looking a 1996 Buick Roadmaster Estate but I have since discovered that they cannot be imported into Australia at present so I have had to rule that option out for now.


Given my distance from the USA, I will obviously need to ship it over here and therefore, I'm after a very nice example as I don't want to have to do this more than once, nor shell out thousands in shipping costs alone just to get replacement parts sent over here. I have been through that experience already with a 1973 Buick Electra! So, I'm hoping someone out there has one for sale or knows of one they could let me know about! I am flexible on the color of the car and fitted accessories but the following are preferred:


Exterior woodgrain trim

Lower mileage

Original condition

Seamist Green, Cornet Gold or Bamboo Cream are the preferred colors.

Vinyl roof

Roof rack option


I have attached a picture below from the original sales catalog to give you an idea of what I'm looking for.


I already have finance for a purchase and will work closely with the seller to ensure that full payment reaches the seller before the car leaves their driveway. I'm not a tyre kicker and do not want to waste anyone's time. Given my distance from the USA, I may also use an inspection referral service such as the one offered by www.cars-on-line.com to have an inspection carried out before I commit to buying anything because naturally, I need to know that the car you're selling is the one I'm after. However, if the description of the car and photographs are comprehensive enough, I might be able to avoid having to get someone else's opinion.


You can post a reply here on the forum or e-mail me here: rockinroads@hotmail.com


A big shout out to all of you who helped me with my 1996 RMW search... there are some very kind people out there!


Hoping to hear from you soon!!!


Glen Camenzuli

Sydney, Australia


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The original poster hasn't even visited

the Forum for 4 years--since 2015.

Try sending him an e-mail, hoping that his

e-mail address is still the same.


I remember him from his forum correspondence

back then.  The value of the Australian dollar 

was going down, and his means of buying a car

in America was being diminished.  But who knows

now?  He might be very glad to hear from you.

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Hi guys, wow I didn't know I hadn't been on here since 2015! Feels like only yesterday that I wrote that post! I checked my emails but I didn't get a notification of Robert's reply on April 22. I will check my settings to make sure I get emails when people reply to my posts in future. 


Yes I have bought a 1973 Buick Estate now. It's on its way over to Australia as I type. It's a former AACA Senior Gold winner (2011).


Robert, again thank you for taking the time to reach me. I really do appreciate it. 





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29 minutes ago, rockinroads said:

I checked my emails but I didn't get a notification of Robert's reply on April 22.


I didn't think that, by e-mail, anyone was informed

of a response.  Private messages earn an e-mail notice,

though.  (Maybe you know more than I do on the subject,

and that's easily possible!)


Glen, it's good to hear from you.  Even here in the United

States, General Motors station wagons of 1971-76 are

seldom seen.  I've never seen one at a show, and I live

in the heart of antique-car country.  Maybe they're not as

popular as they should be;  certainly they aren't common.

The disappearing tailgate is certainly a noteworthy feature

that show-goers would love to see.


Can you post a picture of your '73 Buick wagon?  Wow!

An AACA Senior winner, too.  Where did you find it?

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Hi John,


It's a bit of a story!


I found it while enquiring about a 1970 Buick Estate Wagon way back in 2015. The owner had sold the '70 but also had the '73. He wanted waaaaaaaaay too much for it though and I gave up on buying it. In the end I wound up buying a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Seville that was already here in Australia. That put my wagon search at an end and I put the '73 Estate out of my mind. 


However, I stayed in touch with the owner on and off and as time rolled on, he progressively dropped his price. To cut a longer story short, by the end of 2018, I decided to sell my Cadillac and buy the Buick. The Cadillac is an amazing car but I have wanted one of these Estate Wagons since the late 90's and I figured that this example was as good as it gets. It is also the right colour - I wanted my wagon in Willow Green with woodgrain and that's what this car is. After sealing the deal with the former owner, I later realised that I actually tried to buy this very same wagon back in 2004 when it was in he hands of its third owner! I am now the fifth owner of this amazing wagon.


The car was ordered through Scranton Buick PA back in May 1973 by a Charles R. Moyer of 621 Clay Avenue, Scranton. MSRP was $6,900.15 because he added a tonne of accessories to it. He kept it for many years before selling it in 2000 with just 25,000 miles on the clock. For the next 18 months, the wagon was driven another 12,000 miles by its second owner, Roger Vales, before being sold in 2001 to its third owner, Jamie Steve, who kept it for 6 years. Another 5,000 miles were added and then the car sold again in 2007 to its fourth owner, Marshall Chervin, who kept the car until I bought it in January of this year. Another 11,000 miles were added by the last owner so the odometer now reads 53,000.  


The wagon was located in Manchester MA when I bought it. I had it delivered to Linden NJ where it was loaded on to a container ship for its journey to Australia. We are yet to meet!! I have never seen the car in person but this wagon and I were meant to be!!! I am already amassing NOS parts for its continued care and upkeep. The last owner added a black vinyl roof to the wagon and I will be removing it first thing. Although vinyl was an option for the wagon in 1973, this car did not have one originally. It was also not done correctly because they did not cover the C pillars and that has accentuated what is already an awkward roofline. The last owner also added the factory road wheels but I think I prefer the deluxe wheel covers it came with. 


Yes those 71-76 GM wagons are something else. The 'clamshell' tailgate is still quite a remarkable feature. They do have somewhat of a following around the world but remarkably, they are still being derbied in the USA!








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