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Wanted - Series 11B or equiv. Gas Gauge (for tank)


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Ed, I suggest you look at Franklin dwg 28902 which is the dwg for the gauge (available in club online archive).  This dwg includes variations for Series 10 and 11.  Pn 31404 is the pn for most of Series 11.  The gauges were different because the gas tanks were different in size.  If you check a part against the drawing you will be able to determine if the gauge is right for your car.


I need the cork float for my gas gauge.  The rest of the gauge is ok, just needs cleaning.  If anybody knows where I can get one, the information will be much appreciated.  I expect that I will have to use a float made for some other use and modify it.  The old cork float is shriveled and broke apart.  Other used gas gauges are likely to need new floats also.



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