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1963 Mercury Comet Custom

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My first 'classic'- after a lot of on-line hunting, checking cars with private owners all over the state and dealer lot scavenging, I found this one via Craigs list not far from where I live. It is a 2 speed automatic.The exterior and interior are in great condition. I just got new tires and seat belts added. Good for a weekend drive. A bit slow to to get to cruise but once there, rides smoothly. Hopefully, a bit more tweaking of the carburetor will do the trick. 












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Nice looing car! What engine does it have?


It is a 6-cyl. 170cid/101hp engine.


I had never driven a comet before, so the slow movement from standing surprised me with the V6 engine. Reading what is available on the net, this V6 engine was not known to be sprightly.

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That would be an in line 6, not a V6. The 170 was not the smallest 6 that Ford made then. That honour went to the 144 ci engine. A small engine coupled to a transmission with just two speeds equals a car which is definifely not a stop light dragster.


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