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Wild Weekend


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Mrs. Shadetree and I headed down to Lambertville, Michigan this weekend to attend the "Piston Jammers Panty Raid" car show. The Piston Jammers are a car club from Ohio and they do this show every year. It's kind of a rockabilly/traditional hot rod/rat rod/patina car kinda' thing. Although I consider my car to be a restoration work in progress, its patina allows it to fit into shows like this.

Took us about 2 hours to make the 80 mile trip down there. Car ran great. Only bad part of the trip was when two large pieces of wood broke off the top of a pickup and smacked my front end going 70mph. Luckily, it only left a little white paint from the wood on the bumper. They don't build 'em like that anymore!! We arrived around 10:30 am and enjoyed the show. There were other events going on too like a horseshoe tournament, pinup girl contest, and a guy that carves tiki statues with a chainsaw as well as live bands.

Show was over at 5 and the after party began. At this show you get to camp right next to your car so we set up our tent and got our fire pit going. By the way, I had my Buick PACKED with gear. So much so that when I pulled up the guy next to me asked if I had it on air bags. Lol. After dark there was a flame throwing show which included a '50 Buick (video below). Make sure you stick around until the end of the video. The Chevy was throwing out flames at least 2 stories high! Almost burned my eyebrows off!

After the flame show, we went back to our tent and started roasting some hot dogs and marsmallows and enjoying more than a few frosty cold beverages. Shortly after this, the sky opened up and it downpoured for about 45 minutes! I stood over the fire pit with an umbrella to keep the embers alive while Mrs. Shadetree dove for cover in the tent. Managed to get the fire relit and dried everything off. The last band went off the stage at around 2am and we called it a night.

Woke up the next morning, packed up the soggy camping gear, fired her up, put her in low, and plowed through about 4 inches of mud to exit the field. They were supposed to serve the campers breakfast but it looked like they had gotten a late start on it and we decided to seek food elsewhere so we could get on the road. Made the trip back with no problems at all. Smooth sailing. Had an AWESOME weekend!




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And all you did when you moved up here was complain about a little cold.  Looks like it was a pretty warm party.


Now would you be doing this if you were still in Georgia?.....probably not.


The greatest car place is in the Great Lakes region with Michigan being the center of it.  You could go to probably go to 20 car shows every weekend all summer.



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It was definitely a "different" experience. Never been to a show quite like that. I'll be back next year though. We had a blast!

TexasJohn, that girl was a contestant in the pinup show. She and a few of the other girls liked my "decorations" and stopped by to take a few pictures. She posted that on Facebook later on and I grabbed it from there. She definitely wasn't a '52 model. Lol. As for the insurance, all I can tell you is that my cost QUADRUPLED when we moved here from Georgia. That should give you a good idea of how that's working out!

Larry, you don't have to tell me. I've learned my lesson good!

Fr. Buick, that '54 belongs to a friend of mine that I met last year at a cruise-in. I didn't get any pictures of it at this show because I already have so many of it. Here are a few for you from last year. It's a custom job. Pretty nice. I'm not too keen on the modern stereo in the dash or the white shag carpet in the back window but to each his own! Lol.



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