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1960 four door hardtop

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Just bought a 1960 four door hardtop ranger it looks like there were only about 150 of these made.

Are they worth a lot or not?The car has 45 k miles Looks like someone repainted it at some time.

Any info would be helpful.




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Should be easy.

I'm hoping this thread will have lots of updates. I really like the 60 Edsels. My aunt and uncle had one. I think they bought it new but sold it a number of years later. They lived in the Providence, RI area at the time.

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I'm sure a lot of parts from a 60 Ford will interchange. Looks like you have some good progress.

The engine is a 292 with a two barrel carb, or at least that what the code W in the vin indicates.

The T is Sherwood Green Metallic and the trim 23 is for Green Vinyl and Brown Pebble cloth. It's hard to tell if the seat material is original in your photo.

You car was built 10/02/1959 and has a  3.10:1 axle.

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Shipping coast-to-coast by a reliable company need not

be an impediment if there's a car you want far away.


Just factor the shipping cost into your offering price.

Enclosed transport by a reliable carrier such as

Passport Transport is about $2000-2500 for such a 

distance, I found.  I have done it.


Nice Edsel, by the way!

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Some one else said that.

They say  that when they ran out of something they used the ford parts but I don't know


The factory would not have used a Ford bumper

as a substitute for an Edsel bumper.  Since the fit is

not right, no dealer or owner would have accepted it.

It's more likely that, rather than the factory running

out of something, an owner ran INTO something!

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