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New to me 53 - help decode?


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Hi guys,


I just purchased a new to me 1953 Oldsmobile 98, four door sedan. I am in Canada and I thought this would be a Canadian car (different from US models), but it turns out that all 98 models were American made models. I got that information from the Canadian maintenance manual.


I need some help with the decoding of the data plate please.


STYLE         53 - 3069D     = 1953 model 98 four door sedan   ?

BODY          L17642           = Lansing with a serial number for the body  ? 

TRIM           91                   = ?????

PAINT          50 - 51           = ?????

ACC             K2 - T             = ?????


SERIAL  539M29307          =  1953, 98, Lansing plant, sequence number ?


Any help is apreciated



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