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1928 Chrysler Model 72 Rumble seat coupe

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Hi everyone I am new. I am working on a 28 Chrysler 72 coupe. Can anyone tell me how the Ignition switch/lock comes out of the steering column mount? Also does anyone have pictures of the rumble seat area? I have the arm rests and wood frame for the seat back but I'm not sure what else I might be missing?post-154201-0-17688200-1437830080_thumb.post-154201-0-25838200-1437830091_thumb.

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Thank you for the reply Harry, yes I do have the original armored cable and switch that I need to get a key made for. That is why I am trying to remove it. I'm not sure if the switch works but it looks to be in good shape. I can see where there was a cover that went on the back of the column but it is missing. 'Something else to look for'. The switch will wiggle but will not come out and there is not a ring on the front of the switch that unscrews like most???


I am located in northern Utah.

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