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1947 and 1948 Buick, what's the difference?


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1947 cream steering wheel 1948 Black or grey steering wheel

1947 hood ornament torpedo floating in space surround by a chrome ring 1948 has a cross bar between floating torpedo and outer ring

1947 has no series designation on front fender 1948 Has series designation on front fender, some Roadmasters with Dyna Flow say Dyna Flow, and some say Roadmaster

1947 Engine mount  front lower corner, 1948 Engine mount half way back in center of block on both sides.

Buick crest on hood 47 is painted metal, 48 enclosed in plastic.

Should be enough to help you identify.  Here are the 47 paint colors, just change the date to 48 for 48 colots



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Also, the 1947s have a cream-colored knob on the gearshift lever and turn signal lever, while the '48s have black or dark gray ones.

There are exceptions to this. I have an early 1948 Super model 56-S and it has the cream-colored steering wheel and shift knob/turn signal knob of 1947. Apparently, Buick was using up the '47 stock of parts in early '48. My Super is within the first 1500 cars produced for '48, according to its serial number.

My hat is off to "Straight Eight" and "61Polara". They really know their late 1940s Buicks!!

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, TX


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