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Fluid matic stall engine

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Hi everybody!

Here is my new issue with my Windsor Deluxe.

I have cleaned the governor and everything else and checked all the wiring and such because it didnt want to shift from 3 to 4,

now that I know about that thats just a minor problem to fix for me.

After the cleaning it shifts just fine again BUT when it shifts down in 9 times of 10 the engine stalls, especially when I come to a dead stop.

If I go in fourth gear and slows down untill like 3-5 mph (not a complete stop) the engine wont stall but if I go to a dead stop it will stall.

The idle is about right and it works really good with my new head gasket and carb, it is like it always gotta be some small issue.

Anyway I drove it today and it rides like a charm, exept that it stalls on me.

Gratefull for some ideas from you all good people.


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Sounds like more of an idle problem than a trans problem. What is your idle speed?


2 things come to mind:


1) Engine is in good condition but out of tune. The carburetor may be dirty. Ignition, valves, carburetor out of adjustment


2) Engine is in tune but poor condition. Check compression and oil pressure. Compression should be 100 - 120 on all cylinders. Ideally all cylinders should be within 10 pounds of each other. Oil pressure 45PSI @ 45MPH.

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Hi Rusty!

I had a tachometer before and I used that one to put the idle at 450 rpm but I broke the tach so now I'm not sure, but it sounds about the same.

The carb is rebuilt, and the compression reads like 109-104-114-115-109-106 so that I know is good.

The oil pressure is between 45-50 psi while driving andjust around 40 on idle and like 35 psi when I'm standing still in gear, so that feels solid.

The ignition...I have not checked that, but it starts really easy and it drives really nice with good power, I can cruise at 50-55mph and open the throttle and feel that it accelerate more but I will check that.

I have a slight valve ticking that I will try to adjust this winter.

Maybe it is just a bit low on the idle, I mean if the tach shows 5% low I have a idle speed at 420-425 rpm and my ear is probably not that good so I can hear the difference.

Well I will increase the idle just a bit and see if theres any difference.

Thanks for the advice and quick answers.


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