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Leather seats--Is it hot enough, or too hot.....

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I have read  (exhaustedly) all the threads about seat restoration, and am now ready to start on my 89's gingers. I plan on taking the seats completely out, and doing the job during the August heat.

Since the seats will be out of the car, and I cant roll  windows up to get the "Sauna effect"-  will putting them on top of a large steam boiler ( temp around 125-145 f) in a heavy duty plastic bag get the same result?  Is hotter better, or is the length of "cooking" time more important?  I have all the time and resources necessary to do a stellar job, and would welcome any tips from more experienced pros.


I also plan on posting a start-to-finish story complete with all materials, procedures and costs associated with the project.

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I would caution you to not get them too hot. Leather can be dried out with too much heat. I don't know if being coated with Leatherique and sealed in plastic would counter the drying effect. Inside a car in the sun the temperature could get as high as 155F. according to local news reports of pets being left in cars in the summer here (Texas). I would try to measure the "in bag" temp.


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