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Brake Pressure Switch

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Digger,...l went to Amazon and found the brake pressure switch, Delco 25530882, you refer to, but in checking " does it fit ", they claim it DOES NOT fit a 1990 Chrysler TC Maserati. Have you any information saying that it will?

I'd hate to spend $89.19 on a part that's not useable.

Any comments?

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Not surprising. With only 7,300 TC's built not much incentive for anyone that's not a TC owner to spend any amount of effort cross-referencing part numbers and this is a GM part number. 


GM put Tevis brakes on several models, the Reatta uses brake pressure switch Delco #25533700, it has five pin plug connect in an X pattern. Delco  #25530882 will take you to Pontiac, they both screw into the same hole. When I got my made by ATE, no longer available by GM Part Number, accumulator from Amazon, their "does it fit" said it did not fit the Chrysler TC. When that GM part number went away the same ATE made accumulator was still available for Saab under a different GM part number, at three times the price. That same ATE accumulator is still available under the Jag part number. That Saab part number has also since gone extinct and some of these people are now shopping spinningwheels.com and other on-line suppliers for compatible parts made by other manufacturers.


Basically Tevis II compatible parts work on Tevis II systems. You can buy these switches all day long with a Jaguar part number, but do you want to pay Jag prices? Once I had this Delco part number, I was able to Google search this part number and found this switch noted and pictured in other car forums that use the Tevis II brake system. Don't know if anyone here on the TC forum has purchased this switch using a GM part number. Do know that if I needed this switch and didn't have the part number for the 3-2 spade connect I wouldn't hesitate to use the  Reatta switch and change my wire harness connector.

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