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1930 ck tool kit


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I also have a 1930 DeSoto CK6. It is a Canadian made 6wheel rumble seat coupe. There is not a lot of information out there on these cars. Under the heading "TOOLS" in the original owners manual it reads as follows:

   "The following is a complete list of tool equipment furnished with the Finer DeSoto Six. The tools are of first quality and carefully designed so as to take care of all work which an owner may wish to perform on the car."

1-Wheel rim wrench

1-Wheel hub nut wrench

1-Brake cylinder bleeder hose assembly

1-High pressure lubricant gun

1-Tire pump

1-Auto jack

1-Auto jack handle

1-Starting crank assembly

1-No.1 wrench

1-No.2 wrench

1-No.5 wrench

1-Valve tappet adjusting wrench




I think it would be highly unlikely that you would find a picture of this tool kit, as I have only been able to find an artist conception of my car in an original sales brochure.

Rick VanOene

1930 CK6 rumbleseat coupe

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ck owner Rick

I have a some of the tools. Specificaly I would like to know what the sizes of a No 1, No 2, No 5 and valve tappet wrench. I have collected some old wrenches and if I had the sizes, maybe there the wright ones. I know what the hub nut wrench looks like, 10" long apprx with open end to fit the nut on the back of the screw on hub cap.  The other end is a spanner to fit the two indents on the hub cap. Made of stamped steel. I have wooden spoke wheels and you need a wheel rin wrench. I made one works fine. My next project will be to make the brake line bleeder it needs to screw into the bleeder and was probally brass hex with a barb for the hose.

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  It would only be speculation on my part to tell you what specific sizes these wrenches are. Probably 1/2", 9/16", and 3/4". They could also have been double ended wrenches. I would suggest that, if you can find some old wrenches in these sizes, you add them to your collection. 

  If you can find a dictionary explanation of old car terms (No 1, No 2, No 5 wrenches or small braid wire, medium braid wire, large braid wire) you could share that with the rest of us. 

  As I said earlier, to my knowledge there are no pictures of these items or of all the car models (after 45 years of searching)

  Maybe other club members have more information


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