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1953 Buick Super Convertible on eBay


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Anyone know anything about this car?  Here's a link to the eBay auction:




it's the second time around for this car on eBay.  I received this link to more (better) pictures as well...


1953 Buick Super Convertible


I'd appreciate any comments from anyone on this forum if they know the car, the history, etc.  It seems like quite a deal (which always make the antenna go up), and it appears to be in TX although the auction says CA.  i have a call into the owner for more details, just wondered if it looked familiar to anyone.


I'm in MI it'd be a long haul to go just to see it in person.



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I'd be concerned about the 2005 date on the pictures.

Best bet would be to get the location, then check your BCA roster for a member with a '50's car in a nearby zip code. Send them a checklist and a couple hundred bucks. You'll get a real good evaluation.


I have a light week coming up. Alternate 2; fly me down to check it out. I would go for $1,000 per day plus expenses. That's cheap if I find they didn't put all the bolts back in.


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Hi all,


@60FlatTop, thanks for looking at the pics, yes, the ones on the listing were 2005, those on the OneDrive page I also posted seem to have been taken just this past week.  I just had these texted to me today, does that look like the correct place for the VIN plate?


Also, sadly, for $1000+/day, my wife will make me take her to CA to check it out...


Thanks for the help!


Still looking...





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.....does that look like the correct place for the VIN plate?.....



Yes. That is one of two correct locations for a 1953 Buick Car Serial Number (C.S.N.) plate.....on the driver's door jamb near the door latch. The other location is on the driver's door sill near the front edge. This number should also match the stamped number in the chassis frame rail. 1953 Buicks also had an Engine Serial Number but the C.S.N. is usually referenced for VIN purposes.


An interesting item to note is the first digit of the C.S.N. as pictured on the plate. On 1953 Buicks, the first digit of the C.S.N. denoted where the Buick was assembled. If you look closely, you will notice it has a different font than the other "4" and all the other digits. Reason being is that all 1953 Buick convertible bodies were built in Flint, Michigan (designated Assembly Plant #1) and this body was shipped to Kansas City, Kansas (designated Assembly Plant #4) for assembly. It appears that this C.S.N. plate was stamped in Flint without the Assembly Plant designation and sent along with the body to the Assembly Plant doing the assembly to stamp in the first digit.




This ties in with the info on the BODY BY FISHER Number Plate pictured....."G" on the third line after the BODY NO. denoting made in Flint, Michigan and the "4" in the lower left hand corner denoting assembled in Kansas City, Kansas.




As a side note, the OEM codes on the BODY BY FISHER Number Plate denote the following.....TRIM NO. 57 B = a Tan Leather interior with a Black convertible top.....PAINT NO. 61 = an Osage Cream (not Sequoia Yellow)  paint color. 



Al Malachowski

BCA #8965

"500 Miles West of Flint"

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