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Best aux cooler for Dynaflow?

Brandon Todd

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I am wanting to get some opinions on a brand/size transmission oil cooler for a 1957 Buick Dynaflow. Right now i"m looking at a hayden 11x9.5, but im not sure how well it would fit. Plus i cannot find any reviews on it for the use on older transmissions like these.

Any help would be appreciated, im just not sure what would work best.

Thank you!


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On my 55 I used a Derale 15830 cooler mounted at the junction of the drivers side frame and the the X frame. It is mounted with the fins down and the motor above. The motor is wired to a toggle switch that is activated on an 'as needed' basis. The fan is wired to pull through the fins. No pictures at this time.


The stock cooler is adequate unless you do a lot of mountain climbing, trailer towing or if the dynaflow is weak with low pressures when hot.



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