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2016 Grand National Williamsport PA


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where is the 2017 grand national? how far in advance are the venues picked?

I know ithe meets get alternated between the east and west coasts each year

 The 2017 Grand National will be hosted by the Kansas City Region in Independence, MO. on June 15-17, 2017. Venues have been picked out as far as 4 years, but recently AACA has had to work harder to get Regions and Chapters to host these AACA Events.


Probably a sign of our economic times, although some say its the graying of our club members. I disagree with that last statement though, because even though I'm really gray haired, I will push to the limits to enjoy the antique car hobby. :)  As a matter of fact, having your local region/chapter host a National Event will energize your club and bring your club members closer together. Try it, you'll like it.


E-mail me if your club wishes to host an AACA event. I'm here to help you.



VP-National Activities


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i will be more than happy to pay for your trailer parking so make your plans to attend


That's very gracious of you and much appreciated but I will have to decline your generous offer. My objections to paying extra for trailer parking rather than having the show's expense spread equally is based on principal rather than financial reasons. I would very much like to bring 3 cars, 2 looking for a GN Senior, but my attendance will depend on logistics and trailer parking arrangements. Thanks again............Bob 

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