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1964 Buick tilt steering???


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Hi Guys,


 I have a 1964 Buick Electra with tilt steering. The next step in my project is to restore the steering column. I've got most of it torn apart but I'm stumped on the next step. I cannot figure out how to get the tilt apart.


Does anyone have directions on early sixties tilt steering column dis assembly? The manual doesn't seem to be any help.


Here is a pic of where I'm at....





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If it is the same as later models the threaded hole visible in the lower photo is actually a pin that is removed with a special tool.  There should be one on each side of the unit.  After removing the pins the tilt handle is actuated and the bowl can be removed.  The bowl is spring loaded.  Care should be exercised during removal.

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Guest carlnut50

If it has the pins, Cut a short length of pipe for a standoff and a long screw or threaded rod with a washer and nut. This will jack the pin out. Or find a socket that will work for a standoff. Thats how I did it on the Chevys and Pontiacs.

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