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headlight problem on 32 chevrolet


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car starts fine. brake light works fine.  While I was diagnosing  possible ground issue on front right headlight, both headlamps, running lights, instrument panel lights and carriage lights went out.  Can someone provide cues on where the problem might be? 

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Because all the lights went out at the same time most likely you shorted out your headlight and blew the fuse.  Now you just have to find the fuse.   Looks like the 1928 and 1932 wiring are almost identical.  According to the print the fuse should be on the back side of the headlight switch.  Good Luck!




PS make sure your headlight is not still shorted out it will take out the new fuse.

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I found the problem.  The two contacts in the female section are spring loaded.  one of the contacts popped/moved out of position.  When the bulb was installed ( bayonet) it appears to have made contact with the outer/grounded socket.

 Thanks all.  Tom

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