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My "new" '64 544

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Hi all,


Just wanted to share a photo of my new 1964 Volvo 544. Poor thing had an engine fire and the previous owner was fed up with it so i got a pretty good deal. Luckily I had just dismantled a 62 544 rust bucket last year and I had the parts needed to get it running again. The biggest item being the wiring harness.

Anyway here are the pictures. Comments welcome. 






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Nice Dave!


Too bad about the fire, but congrats on the good deal!



Cort :)

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quick..turn right..there is a black 544 in your path...


these little cars are quite the venture..if nothing else, they do tend to grow on you..I have a 62 Sport where did I lay that spare 440

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I'm still working out the details on the "new" wiring harness. The head lights were dim and I traced that to faulty connections at a connector so they are back on line. The light switch was bad so the dash lights weren't working, so that is sorted now. Plus a few light blubs and the blinker is working. Here are some pictures showing the burned up engine compartment. Most of the damage was on the carburetor side. Take a look at that battery, it still works!! I was amazed. I left it in as long as it's working.

The last picture shows the temp hood I'm using till I get the other one painted.







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