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1930 countryclubcoupe 64C

Guest Juergen

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Guest Juergen


As I told some time ago I own a 1930 big six serie 64c. I have some troubles with "afterrunning" or " dieseling", hope I use the correct words. When I switch off the ignition, the engine still runs on a few times.

Engine tuning is correct I guess. Where I must seek for the problem, what is your opinion ?

Thank you for every info

Regards from germany


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I had the 'backfire after I turned the car off' problem.  I run the car a bit rich as it seems to like it that way.


I solved the problem by moving the advance lever to fully retarded for about 10 seconds before I turned the car off.


Bill McLaughlin

1929 McLaughlin Buick

Supporter of 'All Together Parking by Era'

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