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Need Help Finding Part (Have Pics)

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Hello everyone. 


I am 19 years old working on a 1990 Chrysler TC that I bought for a great deal and am in the process of restoring it to working condition. Unfortunately , there is one part that I am having a hard time finding. It is the convertible top relay. Some water got in it and it slightly corroded, making it not usable. I don't even know what part number I should be searching. I have tried many combinations of this and having had any luck. Anyone able to give any information on the part I am looking for or even better have a working one on sale? Thanks in advance. 




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Looks like you've opened the case so you should know if it's corroded beyond cleaning to repair. You can try arizonaparts.com, or tcparts.com for new old stock, or you could go to the local Dodge / Chrysler dealer parts counter, find out  if they stock this under a new part number and pay a pretty penny.




Thinking that you have the wherewithal to open the case and inspect the components, I'm guessing that you know how to read relay markings for (normally open, NO) (normally closed, NC) and coil. With that you can get a 20amp solid state relay from Radio Shack and make what you need for less than ten bucks.


The TC has it's own, made to fit top pull down mechanism and the engine of this thing is a GM trunk pull down. This specific part was on all the monster sized GM luxury cars up through the mid 90's and they are dirt cheap at the U-pull yards. Grab the whole thing, wire harness and all for about $5. Not only will you get what you need, you will have what you need on hand for that day when you strip the plastic gear, or split the plastic housing. On this particular GM assembly busted plastic is easy to spot and the paddle switch is almost always the problem. The paddle switch can be cleaned by drilling a hole through the casing above the contact area, filling it with brake cleaner and shaking, or better still, blowing it out with compressed air before the brake cleaner has time to soften the plastic. If you do go the U-pull route grab the trunk latch too, the remote trunk release solenoid can be fitted to our latch to replace a part that can't be found and  the latch switch makes a great repair part for the trunk light.

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