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Guest ERMES999

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Guest ERMES999

Hello everyone, I have a Buick Electra 225 year 1959 to restore and I need to replace several parts, both mechanical and body.

Does anyone know some good sites where I can buy new or used parts??
Thank you, 

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The site www.car-part.com might help.

It's a "search" site for participating junkyards.


By the way, the topic to your listing didn't

specify that your parts were "wanted."

Someone with the needed parts might think

you are selling, and not realize you need items.


But all the best to you in your authentic restoration!

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Guest ERMES999

thank you but unfortunately it seems like they don't have nothing for me. Do you have other suggestion? 

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  • 3 months later...

I have also started to restore my buick electra 1959, to start with I need the following parts - 


(user or New)


1.    complete transmission with handle and shifter

2.    torque converter

3.    starter

4.    front windshield and chrome molds

5.    driver and passenger glass

6.    Weather strip for doors, window and trunk seal kit

7.    keys with starter and door locks

8.    engine supports

9.    original radio if any?

10.  water pump

11.  wheel cover cap for original wheel 15”

12. Back lights

13. Side view mirror

14. Center Chrome modeling




Bruk Y

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