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Restoration Complete


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I finally finished the 7 year restoration of my 1962 Triumph TR4.   


I took it to the first non-judging car show today since completing the restoration and will have it at Hershey in the fall.


These are the first photos outside my garage since completing the car.


I did all the work on restoring the car, except having a few pieces chrome plated, to include the paint job, installing the interior kit, and top etc.  


Yes that is the original color combination this car came out of the factory with, British Racing Green with a bright red interior, and it is the only TR4 I have ever seen with this combination.


Visit my personal website at:  jakegingervila.wix.com/bobs-vintage-cars-     for more information on the restoration.









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Gidday Vila, I like you restored a TR4, I imported it in a very shabby condition but 98% rust free from Ca. My first job was to strip to bare bones and rebuild with rhd parts. This was relatively easy as all the rhd mounts/brackets/holes where still there.

Your car has come up a treat, beautiful colour and trim combination, congratulations.

The TR4 was one of my favourite cars ( and also did some road racing with it )but with a then growing family it had to go, wish I had it back, they where real head turners too.


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I had a '65 Spitfire for a short time, when I first got married. The engine was already rebuilt, but the rest of the car needed restoration. I drove it around a little bit but couldn't keep it. I wish I could have brought it up to the level that yours is. Larry W

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