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CD8 Roadster # of plies in rear springs

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I am refrubishing the rear springs on my barnfind '31 CD8 Roadster which appears to have had the springs worked on in the past. The car came to me with 11 plies on each side, some had been cut off on ends(as if made from other londer plies) and as expected they were pretty rusty between plies and reluctant to flex much. I have a decent set of matching plies from a DC8 Dodge (same width and arch, all 1/4"). I plan to keep the current main springs on the CD8.


The CD8 springs also had 2 thicker 3/8" plies on each side spaced within the set, and these had a groove/recess on underside, which I will also keep. The DC8 sets I have did not have these thicker plies. My question is how many plies did CD8 rear springs have? Were the thicker plies special to CD8's? I'm thinking 10 plies seems about right? 

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Since posting the initial thread, I have looked more closely at the Dodge DC8 set or rear springs I purchased, while I was cleaning all the plies with a belt sander today. Although the DC8 set had been messsed with, including having a few 1&3/4" plies/leaves added, it appears they originally had 8 plies, based on height of the rebound clips. I note my '31 Chevy Coach also has 8 ply rear springs. Since the DC8 spring length appears close to CD8, I'm inclined for now to assume 8 plies is OK. This is a roadster, with sidemounts, so weight to the rear is minimal for '31 CD8's, as compared to a sedan for example. I will use the 2 rebound clips, and a tight clip for top 2 leaves at end close to spring eyes. The second leaf is drilled and countersunk from above to allow for fastening this clip.

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