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Nice old Buick

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I think that 1977 Buick Electra Limited Coupe is a great looking car,

and, with a stated 38,000 miles, it appears to be in excellent condition too.

The red with a red velour interior may enhance its attractiveness

in some people's eyes.


Mr. Imperial62 is right.  Please remember, not all car fans are 80 years old.

At shows, I can appreciate a 1925 Chandler, a 1952 Nash, or a 1985 Buick Riviera

all equally well.  I have a 1916 car but also own a '79 Buick Electra coupe,

virtually the same as the 1977.   And maybe some of those 80-year-olds

look fondly back at the Buicks they had 38 years ago!


Here's the text of the ad, since Craig's List ads have a very short

shelf-life.  The car is said to be in the Tucson, Arizona area:


This car was a one owner when I purchase it 3 months ago. I had the original 1977 Oregon title. The car is now registered in AZ. This car is 34 years old with 38456 miles and still looks almost as good as the day it 1st came home. Has the 403 V8 engine. Has all options, air conditioning with climate control, cruise control, Power seat, Power windows, Power locks, Power steering, Power brakes, AM/FM 8-track, tilt and telescope steering wheel and a working clock that keeps perfect time. All options work as they should, Car has new A/C compressor, battery, fuel pump, master cylinder, brakes, tire's and alignment, The rest of the car is original. I have the original keys, key knockouts and Owners Manuel.

This car has always been garage keep and never smoke in.


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I`m 68, I don`t consider a car "old" unless its older than me..  I`m sure there are some youngsters out there that consider a 70s car old..  Tom

I'm 65 and I listen to an oldies radio station in LA...the oldies they play are from the 80's. Thank god for sat radio.
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Back in the day I had a Black 1979 Park Avenue Coupe very similar to that car. It was a great car. While I prefer the body lines of the 1980 version of the car, that is a nice car. I don't need another car right now and I don't really care for the red interior color so I am not tempted, but that would be an excellent HPOF or tour car for someone to enjoy.

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Enjoy is right!

One of the reasons I HAD to have another '59 Chevy is I remembered how nicely it rode and memory didn't fail on that aspect.

It's a boat and it rides like one but at 3700 pounds it should.......  :P

Is there a NEW car for the "common person" that rides as well?

I honestly don't know since all the former BIG cars like Caddys, Lincolns, Mercs and such have become mid-sized if even that.

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Heck I remember when the Silver-Streak crowd in POCI considered the GTO "too new" and the GTOAA was born. Suspect many heare are "of an age".


My complaint about the Buick is that it has a 403 Olds and not the 3.8 V6. Other than that is just a GALB.  (In '78 I bought a Sunbird with a V8, four-speed (and always needed another), full gauges, snowflakes (13x6), posi, formula wheel (was not available with air conditioning though so had to add it). Car won a lot of autocrosses which was why I ordered it. Different era.

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I remember reading letters to the editor in Hemmings Motor News  when this Buick was a new car.   The veteran hobbyists of that era were complaining that a 1950 Chevy was a used car!


One ardent AACA member joined in the 1970's,

and he said his 1940 Pontiac was considered

a "used car!"  So the feeling has been around for



The bright side:  Get what other people don't

yet appreciate.  The price will be reasonable, and

you can have a car that YOU enjoy!

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